Amethyst Parentcraft

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Amethyst Parentcraft

Eight Structured Sessions Brought to You by the Amethyst Midwives



Mindful Labour and Active Birth

Evidence-based and in line with current NHS guidance. The mindful labour and active birth class covers everything from the way your body works, to positions in labour, to pain relief. We then invite you to ask questions and think about your birth preferences with our support. This class aims to give you and your birth partner clarity and confidence before welcoming your baby into the world.


Yoga for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Two simultaneous yoga sessions covering pregnancy and childbirth. Both aim to provide you with the necessary skills for personal use. The class covers individual Asanas and a Sun Salutation which are suitable for all trimesters and aimed at absolute beginners. The pace is gentle and all Asanas are illustrated; with visual handouts for your continued use.

Pregnant women in yoga class
Nursing Newborn


Infant Feeding and Care

This class is designed to help you make an informed choice about infant feeding. Evidence-based and in line with current NHS guidance, we provide you with the skills you need to breast, bottle or combination feed safely. The class covers positions for breastfeeding, effective feeding and safe use of feeding equipment. We’ll also touch on common feeding concerns but more importantly; how to manage them.


Belly Mapping and Scent Bonding

Belly mapping is the art of locating, visualising and then painting your baby’s position onto your abdomen. Using hypoallergenic body paint we use this exciting method to bring you and your birth partner closer to your bundle. We also use this crafty session to teach you a little crochet which is known for its calming effects. Your creations can then be used for scent bonding in the early days.

Pregnant belly


Newborn Infant Care

This is the lively and practical parentcraft class. From hospital bags to changing bags. From baby bums to baby baths. We aim to cover all things alien where your bundle is concerned. We then invite questions and offer evidence-based information.


Holistic Self-Care

We use this class to prepare you for the postnatal period. Whilst self-care is an invaluable act at any stage we encourage you to prioritise it in the postnatal period, when your focus naturally shifts from your own well-being to your baby’s. We talk you through key concepts of self-care and guide you through activities such as; practising gratitude, reflection, guided meditation, and the concept of hygge, with the intention of restoring and maintaining good mental health.

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Baby Shower and Social

At the end of this course, you will have undoubtedly strengthened the bond between yourself and your baby, and forged lasting friendships with each other. You will have shared triumphs and shown vulnerability. Laughed and learned. Whilst ultimately sharing the same goal; to prepare for parenthood. However you arrived and wherever you finished, we want to celebrate your joyous journey in the only way we know how; with tea and cake!