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The Booking Process

Direct bookings and online bookings are available. For direct bookings a reservation will be made on your behalf. You will receive a confirmation of your booking from the booking generator followed by a welcome email from The Amethyst Midwives the next working day. An invoice will be included in the email.

Cost and Discounts

The full parentctaft course costs £200. This includes eight 90 minute sessions, all course materials and generous welcome bag.
A range of discounts are available, including: when paying in full at time of booking (-10%), when using the refer a friend scheme (-10%) and when using a limited discount (variable, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer).

Which Class Should I Book?

Ideally you should attend parentcraft classes between 28-32 weeks pregnant. As a rule of thumb take the month you are expecting and book two months before. For example, if you are expecting in June you will book onto April's course. Get in touch if you are unsure.